Meet Mara Saldivar

Mara Saldivar

Mara Saldivar

Surgery Technician

Mara was born in El Paso, Texas.  As a child, she has always had a passion for animals. She claims from day one, “I knew one day I would be working in this field.”  Mara and her family moved to San Antonio when she was younger. Throughout my high school years, she volunteered at shelters, vet clinics, and horse stables, assisting in any way as needed.  Mara has three dogs – Rhino, Khaleesi, and Genny as well as two horses and two barn cats. Mara says she loves her pets and they’re all close to her heart. Mara started working in the hospital when she was nineteen as a patient access representative, and over the years was crossed trained in different departments working in the emergency room, lab, radiology, admissions, billing, and scheduling. She was going towards her degree in biology, and she planned to apply to Texas A&M University and eventually veterinary school to become a licensed DVM. Mara knew she would need more experience to be considered into vet school, so she decided to look for jobs working in the veterinary field. She applied for this position and was brought on board immediately due to her passion and desire to be apart of a team.

Mara states, “I decided this is exactly where I wanted to be and made the decision to leave the hospital working in the human field to working in the veterinary field I have always had a passion for. I’m very excited to work with such an amazing team of doctors and technicians. I love learning and growing every day.”

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