Meet Erin Pressler

Erin Pressler

Erin Pressler

Practice Integrator

Erin grew up in San Antonio and is the youngest of 4 sisters. Her love of animals began at a young age when she tried to nurse back to health an injured baby bird who had fallen from the tree. So, I guess you could say she was destined to work for a veterinary surgeon, right?

Erin started out as a kennel technician at a small animal practice in San Antonio. She quickly fell in love with the animals, job, and culture of veterinary medicine. She has been in the animal industry for 10 years now and loves it more every day. While Erin enjoys the surgery and medicine aspect of the job, she also equally enjoys engaging with clients, Dr’s and their staff!

She has been married to Kyle for 9 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Kyndal and Emma. Erin has two dogs and 4 cats… but if you ask Erin, she would have 20 more cats if Kyle allowed it.

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